200 Objects of Waterloo

Eagle standard of the French 105th Regiment captured at Waterloo. Copyright National Army Museum.
Explore a Waterloo story through 200 fascinating objects from across the world.

Waterloo 200 Schools Programme

The Waterloo 200 schools programme is still open, with a goal of recruiting 2000 schools by 2020. Find out more.
an unifnished portriat of man with short grey hair, sideburns and hooked nose

NPG in bid to save famous portrait of Duke of Wellington

The National Portrait Gallery launches a public fundraising appeal to secure a portrait of the Duke of Wellington.

a painting of a large funeral procession

Chairman's blog - A memory of Wellington's funeral

Waterloo200 Chairman Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter on a recorded recollection of Wellington's funeral.

an unfinished watercolour sketch of a woman in a Regency bonnet

Jane Austen200 celebrates a life in Hampshire in 2017

The 200th anniversary of the death of Jane Austen is being marked by a series of events in Hampshire.

a photo of a CD cover and CD disc with a scene from the Battle of Waterloo on it

Songs of the Waterloo Era by Simpson's Folly

Revisit the era of Waterloo and the heyday of traditional folk ballads with the music of Simpson's Folly.