200 Objects of Waterloo

Eagle standard of the French 105th Regiment captured at Waterloo. Copyright National Army Museum.
Explore a Waterloo story through 200 fascinating objects from across the world.

Waterloo 200 Legacy: The Age of Revolution

a collage of images from the Waterloo 200 collection
Find out more about the Waterloo 200 Legacy Plan dedicated to advancing the educational knowledge and value of The Age of Revolution (1775 - 1848).

Delve into your collections & join the revolution!

We want your revolutionary objects, paintings or manuscripts.

Chairman's blog: A famous guide at Waterloo.

Waterloo 200 Chairman Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter on a famous veteran and battlefield guide

a painting of Admiral Nelson supported by an offcier on a small boat surrounded by concerned sialors and marines

The Surgeon's Blade: How Nelson lost his arm

Mick Crumplin's latest medical blog looks at Nelson's trauma at Tenerife.

Read and add to The Waterloo 200 Descendants Book

Read about the soldiers who fought at the Battle and contribute your own stories and research.