200 Objects of Waterloo

Eagle standard of the French 105th Regiment captured at Waterloo. Copyright National Army Museum.
Explore a Waterloo story through 200 fascinating objects from across the world.

Waterloo 200 Schools Programme

The Waterloo 200 schools programme is still open, with a goal of recruiting 2000 schools by 2020. Find out more.
Dan Snow introduces the Waterloo 200 Descendant's E-Book.

Waterloo 200 Descendants Book

Look up the names of soldiers who fought in the battle and see if your ancestors are among them.

A film still of Napoleon from Abel Gances 1927 film of the same name

Napoleon returns - Abel Gance's 1927 epic digitally restored.

Abel Gance's 1927 epic Napoleon is digitally restored by the BFI.

a photo of the discharge papers of George Rose with a crown cipher at the top

George Rose: A black soldier at the Battle of Waterloo

Discover the story of George Rose, a soldier from the Caribbean who served with distinction at Waterloo.

World Book Day

The ten best Waterloo novels

We choose our ten favourite Waterloo novels for World Book Day.