Waterloo Association Logo.The Waterloo Association is the key UK charity dedicated to the history of the Napoleonic Wars in general and the Battle of Waterloo in particular. The Waterloo Association is working in partnership with Waterloo 200 to ensure the legacy of the 2015 bicentenary endures beyond this year. See the Waterloo Association website for more details.


In 1973 the Duke of Wellington founded The Waterloo Committee, following a successful joint effort with Lord Anglesey to stop the building of a motorway across the battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium. This was a Belgian/British organisation but in the 1980s an Association of Friends of the Waterloo Committee was established in the UK. In 2001 the name was changed to “The Waterloo Association” to differentiate more clearly the organisation in the UK from the Waterloo Committee in Belgium. Since then the Waterloo Association has continued to preserve and enhance the battlefield, encourage historical research and promote public education and appreciation of the history of the wars between Great Britain, her allies, and France. Waterloo 200 is the organisation which has organised the bicentennial events. It was established by the Waterloo Association and in due course will morph back into the Waterloo Association once its prescribed activities have ceased.

Objectives of the Waterloo Association

1. To promote public education and appreciation of the history of the wars between Great Britain, her allies and France known as the Napoleonic Wars.
2. To preserve and safeguard the site of the battle.
3. To encourage a better understanding of events which preceded the Battle of Waterloo and the course of military operations in the campaign of 1815 and its consequences.
4. To encourage research on all matters pertaining to the campaign and to assist in the publication of such research.

Key Difference Between the Waterloo Association and Waterloo 200

The Association is a membership organisation with the need to hold events and publish a journal. Waterloo 200 is an organisation set up entirely for the Bicentenary. However its website and other commercial activities have a life of 5 years to February 2020. Only then will it be possible to re merge the two organisations and their respective websites.


His Grace The Duke of Wellington OBE


Major General Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter KVCO, OBE, DL


John Morewood MA (Hons) (Oxon) – Contact: tjjp199@yahoo.co.uk