Yesterday I attended the Memorial Service to Sir Ronald Hobson who died aged 96.  The service was held in the Grosvenor Chapel in South Audley Street.  Its a most beautiful church which might have been a Wren church but is not.   There are two relevant connections to Waterloo in this event. Foremost Ron Hobson  was a very generous man to many causes including The ABF The Soldiers Charity when I was the CE. He was also one of the sponsors for this particular website which was originally established for the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo.  It was typical of his generosity and we are all very grateful to him.

The other connection is that in the vaults lie the parents of The  Great Duke, The Earl and Countess of Mornington. I wonder if ron ever knew but it would have tickled him. I also spotted a plaque to a Grenadier Guards Surgeon John Charlton who was the Surgeon Major in 1790s.