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200 UK schools and Waterloo

Waterloo 200 Schools Programme logo

Over 200 schools across the UK have joined the Waterloo 200 Schools Programme, in partnership with history ambassador Dan Snow. Working together with Waterloo 200, each school has discovered and researched a soldier associated with their local area who fought at the Battle of Waterloo. You can see the fruits of their work on the Waterloo Schools E-Book.

With their research on local Waterloo veterans, and the 200 Objects of Waterloo series, many schools have created presentations, teaching aids or essays. These are free for other schools to research and use. See the Teacher’s Notes tab on the side of many of the 200 Objects to discover a Waterloo soldier’s story.

The schools programme is still open, with a goal of recruiting 2000 schools by 2020. Teachers or students wishing to know more or sign up should contact us at

Download Introductory Letter from Dan Snow