Find out about Waterloo 200's work with Hungry for History: A national schools commemorative campaign designed to instil a love of history in children, and to encourage the sharing of ideas and the forging of links between schools.

You can download an overview of the campaign below.

Hungry for History

Hungry for History hosted two special schools events for Waterloo 200 during the bicentenary year. An audience with Dan Snow at the House of Commons and an audience with Peter Snow in Canterbury were an opportunity for schools to hear more about the battle itself and learn about educational material available for the classroom.

A message from Major General Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter KCVO OBE, Chairman of Waterloo 200

“Great historic events form part of our cultural memory even if we were not present to witness them. They are part of our national story and the catalyst for understanding our place in the world. The Battle of Waterloo is one of these great events and a defining moment in European history. Reaching out to younger generations is essential if its significance is to be recognised and understood and the Hungry for History campaign is an invigorating way of achieving this legacy, not only for Waterloo but for other great historic events as well.”

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Hungry for History Overview