The Battle of Waterloo Experience, by Peter and Dan Snow.

The Battle of Waterloo Experience, by Peter and Dan Snow.

By Peter & Dan Snow. Published by Carlton Publishing in association with the National Army Museum. Endorsed by Waterloo 200 Ltd

£30, ISBN 978 023300 447 1 (May 2015)

In this fascinating book, renowned military historians, journalists and broadcasters Peter and Dan Snow examine the strengths and weaknesses of the leaders, the armies and the weapons they had under their command. Like all the greatest battles, Waterloo is steeped in controversy – the battle ended in decisive victory, but it might so easily have turned out differently. The Snows explore all the questions the battle raised. Who made mistakes? Whose victory really was it? Would Wellington have won without Blücher and his Prussians? What was the main cause of the French defeat?

What makes this publication unique is that readers are able to relive this extraordinary moment in history by holding and examining replica or previously unpublished sketch maps, letters, orders, official papers and proclamations held by the National Army Museum and other archives and museums around Europe.

The Battle of Waterloo Experience features 20 rarely seen documents of historic importance, 80 period paintings, etchings and illustrations, 20 colour photographs of Waterloo militaria from the National Army Museum’s unparalleled collections and six specially commissioned full-colour battle and campaign maps. This is a must-have publication for any Waterloo enthusiast.