Come and find out about “the town that bought itself” in this permanent display.

“The town that bought itself”

In 1800 Huddersfield was still only an oversized village. Most people worked in the domestic weaving trade or farmed small patches of land. Before the end of the century Huddersfield was a town of growth, prosperity and culture, boasting many fine buildings.

Things to see:

Textiles – pattern books, Great Exhibition 1851, carved cloth printing blocks, wage cups for mill workers

Culture – locally made violins and clarinets; the unusual Ophicleide and ‘serpent’, Mrs Sunderland’s desk

Law and order – 19th Century police truncheons, housebreaker’s skeleton keys, knuckle dusters, watchmen’s rattles

Civic memorabilia – Huddersfield’s first mace, mayoral robes, commemorative items.